Elections 2018
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مستقبل میں لوگ ایک دوسرے کو ڈرایہ کریں گے کہ ٹھیک ہو جائو نہیں تو تبدیلی آجائے گی۔
Posted by Bilal Aslam 8 months ago
the people are fond of propagating the notion of a deterrence stance while they agree to an extent it is not the ultimate reality but a mere illusion.
Posted by RANA MUDDASAR PERVAIZ 1 year ago
Why the people who managed elections are not managing economy?? But, they are managing donations drive
Posted by Socrates 1 year ago
Economic Policy isn't a work of days. It takes considerable time with everyday bringing a new challenge.
Posted by Muhammad Umair 1 year ago
At present, "Inflation" looks the main economic policy by Albert Asad Umar Newton
Posted by Saba Khan 1 year ago
No clear economic policy by the new government. Alarming!
Posted by Economy of Pakistan 1 year ago
Hopefully, PM khan will be able to sort out the nation's challenges with strength.
Posted by Muhammad Umair 1 year ago
Indeed, Khan is the new PM now. And I believe he is doing quite good even from the very start. He has made humble victory speech and versatile address to the nation.
Posted by Muhammad Umair 1 year ago
Finally, it is Prime Minister Imran Khan
Posted by Patwari Logic 1 year ago
Salute to Nawaz Sharif and boot polish duty for Imran Khan! See http://we.sheir.org/post/457/salute-to-nawaz-sharif-and-boot-polish-duty-for-imran-khan
Posted by Peer Baba 1 year ago