Elections 2018
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current corona situation is very bad
Posted by Imran Sultan 11 months ago
مستقبل میں لوگ ایک دوسرے کو ڈرایہ کریں گے کہ ٹھیک ہو جائو نہیں تو تبدیلی آجائے گی۔
Posted by Bilal Aslam 2 years ago
the people are fond of propagating the notion of a deterrence stance while they agree to an extent it is not the ultimate reality but a mere illusion.
Posted by RANA MUDDASAR PERVAIZ 3 years ago
Why the people who managed elections are not managing economy?? But, they are managing donations drive
Posted by Socrates 3 years ago
Economic Policy isn't a work of days. It takes considerable time with everyday bringing a new challenge.
Posted by Muhammad Umair 3 years ago
At present, "Inflation" looks the main economic policy by Albert Asad Umar Newton
Posted by Saba Khan 3 years ago
No clear economic policy by the new government. Alarming!
Posted by Economy of Pakistan 3 years ago
Hopefully, PM khan will be able to sort out the nation's challenges with strength.
Posted by Muhammad Umair 3 years ago
Indeed, Khan is the new PM now. And I believe he is doing quite good even from the very start. He has made humble victory speech and versatile address to the nation.
Posted by Muhammad Umair 3 years ago
Finally, it is Prime Minister Imran Khan
Posted by Patwari Logic 3 years ago