Pakistan Affairs

Dec 28, 2018

Decades before 2001, US and Pakistan established warm diplomatic and political relations at two occasions: first in early 1960s when President Ayub visited the US and ensured Pakistan’s tilt towards the American circle during the Cold War; second, in 1980s when US needed support of Pakistan to kick the Soviet Forces out of Afghanistan.

In both these occasion, the need of establishing relations was for sure. US wanted Pakistan as a regional ally while, the latter wanted US for economic assistance, political support and military cooperation. 

2001 brought an unprecedented challenge for the US and the world community. That very challenge was global terrorism with its roots in Afghanistan – a land which hosted the planners of terrorist attack on the World Trade Center at New York. Following that event, US led Western alliance declared war on Afghanistan. Pakistan was forced to join. Pakistan offered its land routes and air space to assist US attacks on Afghan land.

This emerged as the third important occasion when US-Pakistan relations got warm again. US needed Pakistan’s support in Afghan War while, the Musharraf government of Pakistan needed international political recognition and economic assistance. 

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