Pakistan Affairs

Dec 19, 2018

What's Pakistan major problem? Is it terrorism? Is it bad economy? Is it fundamentalism? Perhaps not. The major problem is its hollow education system. The country's education system is trite. It lacks creativity. It lacks anything that can enhance the talent and thought of the students. It is devoid of any positive incentives that might make students to move towards collective welfare. 

The unfortunate fact is that, mere private institutions are thought to be doing better in education sector. But, they charge too much. They charge more than an average man can spend on children's education. As far as the government institutions are concerned, they lack implementation. They have good policies but bad administrators to enforce them. This factor has given bad name to government sector educational institutions. 

Pakistan needs to enhance its budget for the education sector. Further, the country needs to improve its attitude towards the importance of education. Once, education is better it means that class rooms are better. And, a country with best class rooms will surely have less problems. 

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