Muhammad Umair

Dec 14, 2018

Pakistan's society has a problem. It is full of rituals. But, that is not the actual problem. The real problem is that, most of the said rituals are illogical, useless and even destructive for some. Consider the event of wedding. People in Pakistan consider wedding event as the most joyful event. But when we ask reason behind this, there emerges no solid answer. On wedding events here, there is a lot of pomp and show. There is a huge list of guests, functions, spendings and bla bla. But that doesn't end here. The whole village knows that it's a wedding. And those who are not invited, take months and years to forget this thing. 

That's simply absurd. People who are hardly meeting their day and night's expenses; spend lavishly on weddings. They spend hundreds of dollars on things like food, clothing, event arrangements. These are the people who spend hours on bargaining but, they refuse to see when they are spending in a wrong way. These are the people to keep on saving their previous earnings but, when it comes to weddings, they just spend it all at one place. That simply doesn't click to one's mind. 

The reason behind this reality is social compulsion.

People here are doing it just to keep the ritual alive and without thinking about its drawbacks. People in Pakistan's society need to change. They need to say farewell to the customs which are not productive. 

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