Pakistan Affairs

Nov 24, 2018

Governments in Pakistan have often lacked one thing and that is true popularity. The reason behind this might be rigged elections and interference of apolitical forces in the political setup. Another reason might be the incompetence of politicians. In previous decades, all the civilian governments of Pakistan have complained for not having well-established over the state matters. Consider the example of PML-N Government. It has ruled over the country for several years yet, it still complains of failing to establish its writ on the matters. 

But, the government led by PTI has decided not to keep this complaint up for their political benefit. PM Khan has given clear orders to establish the writ of government. He has proved it in anti-encroachment operation and now he intends to prove it now by arresting TLP Leadership and suppressing it against any hostile activity that they use to threaten the peace and public security. 

It is surely a good step forward. By containing the elements like TLP, government will not only ensure its writ but will also help in purifying politics from so-called religio-political parties. 

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