Pakistan Affairs

Jun 23, 2017

On assessing the Pakistani society, a number of social pathos gets apparent. One among them is surely hypocrisy. It is common among the individuals not only in their personal lives but also in their collective social existence. Subsequently, same problem can be seen with the hosts running different shows on the Television screens in the month of Ramadan. Apparently, these individuals are doing it all in the spirit of this Holy Month but, the hypocrisy is that, they are nothing else but Sponsored Mullahs promoting someone else’s commercial interests. The TV shows being hosted by them are endorsing greed instead of patience through the schemes of different so-called gifts they distribute among the spectators. Further, it is more of a crooked business than some religious agenda. Channels need viewers in Ramadan and the manufacturers need commercials for those viewers. So, both the commercialism and electronic media have joined hands here. They are forwarding their interests through the Sponsored Mullahs thus depicting the picture of a social hypocrisy.

What our society needs in real is not hypocrisy. It needs true faith, patience and openness. We, the people, should not let the manipulative minds to drive us. As a society based on religious foundations, we have some moral values to stick to; we have some principles to adhere to. What we need is not listening to the hypocrites exploiting our time but, true activism for the social welfare and harmony. Individually and collectively we should defy the social pathos encompassing our lives and that is not possible without discouraging what electronic media brings for us in Ramadan. 

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