Muhammad Umair

Nov 21, 2018

Since its creation, Pakistan faced undeniable threat to its national security and even existence. To avert the said threat, governments made reluctant foreign policies. The policies made were flawed. They lacked consistency and foresight. Pakistan became a pendulum-state between the super powers like Soviet Union and the United States of America. Following the catastrophe of 9/11, there came another blow to the country's foreign policy. It became more dependent and hostage to the USA and Bush Administration. The country paid a heavy price after that in terms of its security, monetary loss and even dignity. 

Now, a new government has taken reins of power. It won election in the name of change for good. Fortunately, it is leading Pakistan to have a more evolved foreign policy. PM Khan has made well chosen foreign visits. He has paid visits to Saudi Arabia, China, UAE and now Malaysia. All the countries mentioned are economically strong and possess the potential to invest in Pakistan. Further, ties with these countries will being Pakistan among the countries which have considerable reputation in terms of global trade. Not sooner but decades after now, this evolving foreign policy will surely bring Pakistan a good international name. 

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