Global Affairs

Jun 23, 2017

For a couple of previous days, Russian authorities have been claiming to have killed ISIS leader in one of the air strikes carried out in Syria. Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi – the founder and leader of the self-styled militia ‘Islamic State’ is dead now but, still this is being termed as a piece of speculation. The Western media is not ready to accept such Russian claim. The reasons are obvious: primarily, Russia has too little proof to offer; secondly, the Americans do not want Russia to take more credit in Syria and when it comes to the killing of ISIS leader, it surely entails great deal of credit.

Why this tussle is one? It began a couple of years ago when Russia out-maneuvered the United States in Syria. It was first the U.S. to start air strikes against the ISIS. Besides that, it also tried to contain the Assad regime from re-establishing its writ on complete Syrian territory. But, the plan failed as Russia intervened at the invitation of Assad government. Later, Russia encouraged the entry of Iran. Further, some mistakes on the part of Obama administration compelled Turkey to jump in, on the side of Russia.

Now, when the muddle has been created; everyone there wants to take credit. U.S. wants itself to be proclaimed there as ‘liberator’ while Russia wants to secure the title of ‘savior’ for its role. In this race of credit taking, no one is ready to assess the crisis. More, the hardheadedness of all the parties is keeping international community from playing some effective role in Syria thus holding the country in chaos. 

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