Pakistan Affairs

Nov 19, 2018

Former Chairman Senate Mr. Raza Rubbani, while speaking to the Senate, has stressed upon the need of ensuring accountability across the board. Mr. Rubbani has vociferously blamed the state institutions for targeting politicians only when it comes to accountability. He called for the need of even accountability for all including military personnel, media individuals and even judges.


Prima facie, Mr. Raza is right. In Pakistan, when it comes to accountability, mere politicians are the target. This uneven factor leaves military top-slots, bureaucrats and judges out of the accountability spectrum thus, providing them a free hand to manage affair according to their due or undue dictations and according to their due or undue desires.

Pakistan is surely going through the phase of crackdown against corruption. But, it should not be made doubtful in its spirit. If the war against corruption needs to be strengthened, then there have to be accountability across the board and with even rules of the game. Targeting one group and conciously leaving other will not set good examples in the future history of the country. 

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