Muhammad Umair

Nov 17, 2018

Pakistan faces a tragedy for decades; that of doing politics on non-issues rather than working to focus on the real matters. This tragedy is result of hereditary politics, incompetent politicians and politically submissive voters of Pakistan. It is the result of the said tragedy that, media again and again reports on illogical happenings in the country. 

For instance, recently PM Khan has remarked that: "One who doesn't take U-turn is not a leader". This statement is being broadcast-ed in news bulletins. This statement is being misinterpreted. This statement is not being explained to the people of Pakistan. This statement has nothing to do with the actual issues of poverty and illiteracy in Pakistan. Yet, it is being broadcast-ed repeatedly. 

Contemporary era is the era of resolving national crisis and making people more vigilant and informed. It's better that they should be informed about the real issues rather than being engaged with the non-issues. For that very purpose, our media channels will have the first responsibility and second to them will be viewers of the channels. 

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