Pakistan Affairs

Jun 22, 2017

The recent development regarding the Iran-Pakistan relations is not somewhat encouraging. Pakistan has claimed to have shot down a drone from Iran violating the former’s territorial limits. This latest move can adversely impact the already fragile relations between the two neighbors.

Nation states rarely believe in any important determinant of foreign policy when it comes to necessity, interest and forced dependence. In this regard, the case of mutual relations between Iran and Pakistan is not an exception. Since after the Islamic Revolution, Iran’s revolutionary government has maintained complicated engagement with Pakistan. It never liked the proximity of Pakistan with the Saudis. This is the chief annoyance. At the same time, Iran has always discouraged the informal alliance between Pakistan and the United States. Contrarily, with all these factors apparent on the part of Iran, the country is still ready to normalize ties with Pakistan and the latter also endeavors its best to reply well. Its reason lies in their mutual interests attached. No matter what, ultimately Iran needs Pakistan’s blooming trade routes leading to China. On the other hand, Pakistan can no longer deny the importance of Iranian natural resources for it.

Unfortunately, there are minor issues leading to wider gaps. These issues include border management, balanced approach in the internal affairs of the Middle East and urge of mutual respect and recognition for each other’s existence. Having greased these frictions, ties can be strengthened. Pakistan needs to mark its balanced approach in the Middle East while Iran needs to give up its skepticism about its neighbor. 

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