Pakistan Affairs

Nov 13, 2018

It has been mere a few months since the new government of PTI has assumed power and people of Pakistan are falling in the doubt whether or not this government is failing. What's answer to this question? Is PTI government failing or working better than any new government in the past? Perhaps, it is too early to say anything. It cannot be said right now that the PTI government will be able to deliver or not. But, one thing is clear; this government is doing better than any ruling elite of the past.

The actual hurdle in its prompt performance is lethargic bureaucracy that is not ready to let anything change for good. The administrative government officers want to keep the status quo intact. They want to keep themselves in charge of the affairs without tolerating any slight chance for betterment. Government is giving policies but implementation is being checked by the administrative machinery.

The real performance of government will be unveiled once it gets independent path of implementing its policies. That is possible not until the moment when administrative staff becomes part of the change agenda of government.

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