Muhammad Umair

Nov 12, 2018

Jinnah - the renowned lawyer of sub-continent - led the foundation of Pakistan. His leadership utilized the strong factor of religion Islam to unite the Muslims against Hindus and British Raj. But, did he was lying the basis for a theocracy? Did he want the newly formed state of Pakistan to be a theocracy? Probably not. 

Jinnah was very clear in his views. Although he founded Pakistan in the name of Islam but, he never wanted it to be ruled by a religious elite. Further, he did not want Pakistan to be a place where minorities could feel threatened in any way. He wanted Pakistan to be a state based on real Islamic principles of good governance. He wanted it to be ruled by the competent leadership. 

Unfortunately, things did not go well in the past. Post-Jinnah leadership of Pakistan was hollow. it could not take the pressure of Islamic groups who wanted to make Pakistan theocratic state. From that very day, Pakistan is bleeding. Minorities here are suffering. People are subject to the uncontrolled sentiments of so-called religious elite. That elite justifies its wrong actions in the name of religion Islam without knowing that the latter neither promotes nor supports theocracy and religious monarchy. 

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