Global Affairs

Jun 21, 2017

While talking to a spokesperson from Iran, Al-Jazeera’s Mehdi Hassan asserted; ‘Iran is criticizing the Saudi interference in Yemen and Bahrain while itself intervening in Syria’. The point somehow predicts the future of the Middle East in general and that of Syria in specific. There is no predictable positive conclusion to the Syrian crisis which erupted from the civil war over the question of power. Now, when the Russian, Iranian and Turkish leaders claim to have considerably defeated ISIS there, at the same time, Assad proclaims a victory over the rebel groups. But, why these victories have failed to end the crisis?

Problem in Syria is complex than it looks. It is not mere a civil war but also a sectarian one. Further, there is a factor of terrorism in it along with the interest-based intervention of foreign powers. Amid all this, the desire of making peace fades. With multiple warring factions, the dialogue gets more difficult to win. Iran is surely supporting the Shia minority government led by Assad while Russia wants its favorite government there. Similarly, Turkey has now joined hands with Russia, Iran and Assad regime owing to two fears: one is Syrian Kurds claiming territorial share in Turkey while the other is its widening gap from the U.S. On the other hand, Americans do not want to give up so easy. Seeing the Russian presence there, the Trump administration has once again intervened Syria. It wants Assad out at any cost. In brief, the conflicting interests have created severe deadlock. International community will keep on failing to bring peace here unless the all the above said stakeholders meet on the same page. 

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