Pakistan Affairs

Jun 20, 2017

In the wake of some recent summons - sent by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to country’s Big Shots - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif appeared at the Judicial Academy and submitted his stance. Following his appearance before the JIT, his brother – the Chief Minister of Punjab was also called upon. Apparently, both the leading figures of PML (N) have time and again proclaimed themselves innocent of all such corruption and misappropriation charges. In fact, they did the same in their separate pre-written media briefings after moving out of the JIT drills.

PM Nawaz’s press briefing was usual but that of Shahbaz Sharif was marked by an interesting aspect. That aspect was his appearance which was immediately noticed and captured by a Facebook page ‘Common Sense’. The page compared the appearance of Chief Minister with that of notorious Chicago gangster Al-Capone. Although, it was mere a post yet carrying a meaning behind it. Linking Sharif with Capone was another manifestation of what the Supreme Court has repeatedly called government: mafia. It reflects public sentiments. It marks how the masses think of their ruling elites.

But the question remains that what makes social media activists to liken their national politicians with international mafia figures. In answer, it might be the contemporary scenario created with the establishment of JIT probing into the money affairs of the rulers. It can also be a general perception among the masses that they are being ruled by the crooked politicians who have politically and materially empowered their families after snatching what’s the right of people. 

(Picture Courtesy: Common Sense/Facebook)

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