Global Affairs

Jun 19, 2017

Following its rise in the Middle East, the self-styled Islamic State (IS) brought the West on hit list. Speaking of the West, Europe in particular has been the region feeling heat from the ideological war ignited by the IS. But that is not mere ideology which kept on taunting Europe; it is actually a series of terrorist activities being carried out there for the last two years. In Europe, the cities of Paris and London remain among the major targets. Precisely saying, previous year it was Paris and this year it is London being deprived of normality and peace.

The question worth considering is why London is being made the target of terrorism again and again. Its answer lies in policy matters of past rather than in any single approach of current times. Further, its answer is deep rooted in the recent history rather than in the present times. It is actually the post-9/11 Counter Terrorism Policy of the then Blair-Government that is still penalizing London. Soon after the decision of President Bush to wage a War on Terror against the Taliban regime and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, British Premier Tony Blair agreed to support this venture of the United States in the front lines. It might have been a necessity of that time but in no way it was a wise one. Instead of blindly jumping into the US-led war, UK could have performed better. It could have brokered some way to peace between the Afghan regime of Taliban and the Bush Administration over the question of handing over Bin Laden to the latter. But history is always name of achievements and mistakes made in the pursuit of achievements. London made this mistake while pursuing the agenda of friendship with the US and alliance with NATO.

Now, it seems essential for Theresa May’s government not only to focus on Brexit but also devise comprehensive counter-terrorism strategy. A review in this regard would unveil what is wrong with London.

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