Global Affairs

Jun 16, 2017

The political precedents in the United States of America reflect one thing: great honor and respect for the office of President. There are merely a few cases in which an elected president of the United States was successfully and abortively impeached. But, despite such strong political traditions, American stakeholders now seem in a hurry to impeach the recently elected President Donald Trump. Although there has not been moved a formal motion in Congress for President’s impeachment but the American media and political stalwarts are quite keen to find one or the other pretext for making this dream come true. That will surely not be an easy job to do in a country where President’s office marks great authority and strength.

Besides this assertion, the point here is; what makes the contemporary American political scenario desirous of impeaching Donald Trump? Following reasons can answer it:

·        President Trump won through the electoral vote and could not gather the popular vote. This makes him President of the country but still unpopular one among the masses.

·        President Trump’s failure to keep up with the political norms of the country - by publicly acting in awkward manners - that undermine the stature of presidency itself.

·        President Trump’s unpopular and abortive moves like ban the visitors from several Muslim countries and to pull the USA out of NAFTA.

·        President Trump’s foreign policy which is undermining the American position of Global Policeman.

·        President Trump’s suspected role in seeking help from the Russian Intelligence to win the election.

With the ongoing Senate Hearings on the matters of National Security, the coming years would be more crucial for President Trump who apparently has failed to bring American anything remarkable following months of his election.

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