Pakistan Affairs

Jun 15, 2017

History of Pakistan speaks contrary to what is currently going on in the political and judicial realms of power. Traditionally, the power and even authority in Pakistan has remained personalized and not institutionalized. But, the surrender of Prime Minister Nawaz in front of ‘Joint Investigation Team’ marks the worth of at least one institution in the country and that is Judiciary. Despite bearing several administrative flaws and weaknesses, judiciary has been successful in bringing the top leadership to account for its malpractices. Previously, it made Prime Minister Gilani to leave the office and now it has successfully forced Premier Nawaz to yield if not from his constitutional position then at least for his accountability. This thing breeds two possible perspectives:

·        That there is an ongoing gradual rise of Judicial Activism in Pakistan

·        Pakistan is going through institutionalization along with gradually getting rid of the traditional personalization

Either of the assertions can be right or wrong. There are critics who condemn judiciary for its recent activism and there are those who praise this thing. Similarly, some see the whole scenario as institutionalization while others do not. But, the point here is that, whatever it may be called; Premier’s surrender for accountability is a historical development in the democratic evolution of Pakistan. As far as the debate on Judicial Activism is concerned; it needs a separate word.

Pakistan should cherish the contemporary scenario not to politicize it but to see the reflection accountability that might can hopefully lead towards justice.

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