Pakistan Affairs

Jun 15, 2017

If not all, then at least a couple of Supreme Court Judges seem obsessed with the ‘Godfather’ – a novel based classical movie. Time and again they have likened the ruling government of Pakistan Muslim League (N) with the characters of the said novel. Primarily, it was in the Panama Judgment where Justice Khosa opened his remarks with reference of a quote from the Godfather. He quoted that: ‘Behind every great fortune there is a crime’. Later, soon after the outburst of Senator Nehal Hashmi against the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), the Supeme Court summoned the former. Along with scolding Hashmi for his behavior, the court hysterically congratulated the Attorney General of Pakistan for the latter’s government seemed to have ‘joined the Sicilian Mafia’. This mafia referred by the Supreme Court is same which has been depicted in the Godfather.

But, the point here is not to assess the obsession of Honorable Judges with the Godfather. In fact, thing deplorable here is that what makes the Supreme Court Judges to equate the ruling government of Pakistan with Sicilian Mafia and Godfather. Perhaps, following reasons can answer the assertion:

·        Traditional approach of PML(N) to apparently comply with the decisions of the Apex Court while covertly plotting against the latter

·        Use of mostly explicit and sometimes implicit threats by PML(N) to nudge the investigators who are probing into the businesses of party’s big shots

·        Continuously maligning the opposition parties and JIT, with the help of paid party workers who are trained to ignite conspiracies

These facts bring the ruling government in comparison with the Sicilian Mafia led by a Godfather with its consigliore’ and soldiers working to strengthen and secure his position.

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