Global Affairs

Oct 14, 2018

US might be withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan as Taliban claim it so. But, still it's uncertain. However, a fact remains intact that non-withdrawal of American troops from the region can never assure peace in the region. Why is it so? Here are the reasons:

  • Taliban fight only because of presence of Americans in Afghanistan. Once they are gone; the intensity of fight may get abbreviated. So, the presence of America in Afghanistan will be a bitter pill to swallow for Taliban which, I believe, they won’t eager to swallow.
  • Unless American troops are in Afghanistan; peace is not possible in the region; because peace in Afghanistan will lead peace in Pakistan.
  • Unless American troops are there; the possibility of trade between Pakistan and Central Asian States is impossible and not only this but our pending projects with Iran will remain on the previous pages.
  • Pakistan has paid a heavy amount for this war; in the form of causalities of civilians and soldiers as well as by bearing burden on its expenditure.
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