Muhammad Umair

Oct 11, 2018

‘China Containment Policy’ is a theory derived by Chinese analysts keeping in view the rising American influence over Asia and relating it back to the American strategies during the Cold War. According to this theory, America considers China to be its competitor of the century and communist power of future. America fought for a very long time to abbreviate monopoly of USSR and thus it was enabled to commence its presence here. But the rising China is a threat to American presence in Asia as well as its economic interests here.

Proponents of this theory are of the point that America aims for a weak China in Asia for securing its hegemony there. Success of American neo-colonialism in the shape of capitalistic and cultural invasion in Asia is contingent with the existence of a lethargic China instead of a prosperous state. 

This containment policy was once successfully exercised by US against the former Soviet Union. With coming years, the policy will reflect its greater and stronger implications against China as the latter is emerging with unprecedented pace. Let's see if the policy of containment succeeds again in favour of the USA.

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