Muhammad Umair

Oct 09, 2018

October 9, surely a dark day in the political history of world. 51 years ago today, world's greatest revolutionary and charismatic leader of the downtrodden, Ernesto Che Guevara, was assassinated by the Bolivian security forces on the orders of American CIA. Although, Bolivia felt sorry for the mistake it made yet, in no way it was enough for the loss incurred at the world.

Che Guevara was more than a man with a gun. He was a visionary. He was a political philosopher whose philosophy was being checked by the contemporary realms of power. Guevara was more than a revolutionary. He was a man with too high ideals and too high ambitions. His death brought the world to darkness. Political landscape would surely have been different if he was alive and successful in what he fought for.

Guevara once said, "My dreams have no frontier; at least, untill the bullets speak." He actually predicted his end. He predicted that only thing which might end his dreams was the bullet. It happened in the same way thus, creating an unfilled vacuum in the world.

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