Pakistan Affairs

Oct 09, 2018

1970 was an important decade in political history of Pakistan. The country lost its Eastern wing resulting in independent state of Bangladesh. Months before that tragedy, Pakistan went through historic elections. The campaign was heated. Mujeeb's six points might were something to ventilate their grievances of Bengalis against the West Pakistan but they were in fact, abhorred by the establishment which had been ruling the feeble nation under two consecutive martial laws. The announcement of General Elections sparked the campaign with Mujeeb in East and Z. A. Bhutto in West wing, grabbing the votes by their alluring speeches at public meetings.

Unfortunately, the campaign was spiced by the emotional hysteria when Awami League exploited the situation and recklessness of federal government after a big cyclone devastated the Eastern wing, claiming approximately 1 million lives. This was a moment of national tragedy which was ought to be mourned all over. Yahiya Khan came back from his trip to China and visited Dhaka for mere a few hours.

Now, the league attained sufficient motives to openly express its hatred against the West Pakistan and the government ruling from Islamabad. Anti-Pakistan and Pro-Bengal campaign was now on the rampage.

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