Muhammad Umair

Oct 09, 2018

Before the 2nd World War ended, states remained engaged mostly in secret diplomacy. That proved disastrous for the world in sense that it became one of the root causes of great war. Later on, the global community reformed diplomacy. It also established a vision of open diplomacy. Treaties among states were ordained to be registered and published for the world states.

Today, if we consider the definition of Treaty mentioned in Article 2(1-A); it will reflect the four formalities necessary to be observed in its making:

  • A treaty must be a written instrument or instruments between two or more parties
  • The parties should have been endowed with the status of International Personality
  • The treaty made between the states is ought to regulated and governed by the International Law
  • Creation of legal obligations should have been intended in making of a treaty

Following all that, treaties concluded among states are registered and published with the United Nations.

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