Pakistan Affairs

Sep 23, 2018

Kashmir is the major dispute between Pakistan and India. Both the countries have fought wars and remained hostile to each other for their clashing interests attached with Kashmir. The valley is mostly occupied by the Indian troops involved in atrocities and cruelty against human rights.

Pakistan raises voice for Kashmir at every forum. One among them is Organization of Islamic Countries. OIC has also criticized India for having maintained a siege around Muslims of Kashmir with by deploying seven hundred thousand soldiers and killing more than eighty thousand Kashmiris. India on the other hand reflects anger over OIC for referring to parts of Kashmir as "occupied by India". Although India has about 12% (roughly 183 million) of the world's Muslim population, it has been blocked by Pakistan from joining the OIC. 

However, since OIC has failed in itself, it remains mostly powerless in playing proactive and potentially beneficial role in the Kashmir dispute. There is need for Muslim countries to unite, empower and then vociferously resolve the matters like Kashmir and Palestine.

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