Global Affairs

Sep 23, 2018

China being a close friend to Pakistan often does everything which America has done for India. In this game of counterbalance, China has played role in enhancing the nuclear capabilities of Pakistan for improving its energy sector. This policy is a bitter pill to swallow for America. In the distant future, it seems more predictable that China will sign civil nuclear deal with Pakistan which will put into effect Pakistan’s plan to establish 32 nuclear power plants by 2050. In the current scenario two nuclear power plants one in Karachi and other in Chasma are adding to the energy and they were established with the aid of China.

America condemns Chinese act of aiding Pakistan in civil nuclear sector when Pakistan never signed ‘Non-Proliferation Treaty’ which was put into effect in 1970 and has been signed by 190 states of world. Israel, South Sudan, Pakistan and India are the four countries which never became the signatories of this treaty. North Korea though acceded but withdrew in 2003. According to this treaty only signatories of the treaty can enter into a civil nuclear deal. Now, America once again reflects its double standard by criticizing China for launching civil nuclear programs in Pakistan while it forgets to think about the Civil Nuclear Deal which it signed with India in 2008.

How nuclear non-proliferation is possible when America is engaging India and China is aiding Pakistan in nuclear sectors? Both the states are not in the position to condemn each other especially America which has already signed the deal breaching international law.

As far as Pakistan and India are concerned, if India will raise its military program under the tag of Civil Nuclear Deal with American aid so will do Pakistan in one way or the other. 

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