Global Affairs

Jun 04, 2017

After repeated failures to materialize his campaign-promises, President Trump finally seems successful in keeping up his unwise word of pulling the U.S. out of Paris Climate Pact. Following this move, critics are mourning the setback that now global effort against climate change might face. But, that is not the only aspect worth considering here. Among other sides of the pictures, this step of President Trump would most probably:

·        Provide a glimpse to the world of a minus-America political order

·        Impliedly invite the People’s Republic of China to lead the world in initiatives against the Climate Change

·        Lose some space and political jurisdiction to the China in the arena world’s policeman-ship

·        Widen the gap between Europe and America – its apparent manifestation can be seen in the contemporary U.S-Germany relations

·        Allow the world nations to learn the pursuit of international concerns without the American funds backing them

In another view, these assertions would most probably of temporary nature. In post-Trump America, rarely any president can be expected to pursue this sort of globally hostile climate policy.

Speaking a bit in favor, this American withdrawal might bring benefit at domestic level but, that will happen at the cost of deteriorating world climate and international interest. Climate Change is real. It is not a fictitious as Trump thinks so. Still, the world community shall engage in dialogue with the United States to seek the latter’s support in this regard. Even if they fail to convince President Trump, the American public might get to the point. 

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