Global Affairs

Sep 20, 2018

Will there be another Cold War? That is a tough question. Seeing latest Russian military drills with China might hint for another cold war. Some analysts say yes. But on the contrary, some analysts give their rational approach in this regard and believe that the world of today is much different from that of Nineties. Globalisation which has broken the practice of states to live in isolation will not allow the world to pursue another policy which will frost their markets.

Even USA and Russia can’t afford anymore to go through another such adventure. Its good headline to a newspaper that a new cold war is about to commence but in real the predictions don’t carry much potential.

And perhaps this thing is evident from the words of former Secretary of the State, John Kerry who said on U.S.-Russia diplomacy;

"Sergey Lavrov (Russian Foreign Minister) and I are old hockey players, and we both know that diplomacy, like hockey, can sometimes result in the occasional collision.”

So, there are and will remain ups and downs in the diplomatic relations but this relationship will go on either in an expected or unexpected manner. 

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