Pakistan Affairs

Sep 19, 2018

The question is simple. To what extent our courts can go unreasonable in their judgements? Today, it has been answered. Their reason and their capacity to be unreasonable is beyond limit. Pakistan's judicial system put Nawaz Sharif on trial. It tries him for months. At last, it convicted him. Threw him behind the bars. But, now with another stroke of pen, he is out winning freedom since the Islamabad High Court has suspended his sentence. That's anything but logical.

Unfortunately, courts still have to mature. How can a court take complete U-Turn? That doesn't make sense. A trial conducted for months has been suspended within a few hearings. The fact denotes that still there are elements in Pakistan that impact country's judicial system. It is nothing less than judicial mockery.

Courts need to reform themselves. They need to make judgements beyond doubt and beyond mistake. They need to work independently. Unfortunately, none of the said attributes are present in Islamabad High Court's decision of suspending Sharif's sentence.

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