Muhammad Umair

Sep 18, 2018

Taiwan, ‘The Asian Tiger’; China won’t ever allow neither the desires of people of Taiwan for an independent state nor the expectation of international community to dismember this organ Chinese giant economic body.

Taiwan is an island located in the East of China. The Mao led revolution of 1949 in China compelled Chung Shai to flee with all its puppets to this island and install a new governing setup there. Taiwan remained the permanent member of UNSC until the growing China replaced it in the late 70s. The world bent its knees in front of the economic boost never seen in the history of China.

Now, as far as American policy towards Taiwan is concerned, it’s famous with the title ‘One China Policy’. According to this policy, America considers Taiwan as a part of China but never takes steps to ensure full Chinese control over the island. And not only this but discrepant to this approach, America pursues double-standard and supplies arms to Taiwan which it may use in the future against China.

China never used military force to occupy Taiwan but it has pledged that it would besiege the island if it ever declared itself as an independent state. China has one ‘Asian Tiger’ that is ‘Hong Kong’ in its governance and it will take steps in future to maintain complete hold over the other ‘Asian Tiger’. The priority of China from the very first day when it was revolutionised is improvement of its economy. America remained indulged in destructive adventures especially in the last decade. China has no such motives but in the future it is evident that China may enhance its defence and military power to ensure its hegemony over the world order.   

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