Global Affairs

Sep 16, 2018

Despite months of ceasefire and decline in active hostilities, the Syrian war begins once again. This time, an offensive attack is being prepared on Idlib - the last stronghold of Syrian rebels. The attack on Idlib will be led by President Asad's forces and his allies including Iran, Russia and Turkey.

Unfortunately, the Syrian civil war has got more gross and pathetic than thought. Mistakes and misunderstandings are on both the sides: rebels and government. These misunderstandings have been exploited by the global and regional powers in their exclusive interests and favours. Owing to that very fact, the one who suffers is Syrian people. They have been displaced, killed, injured in numbers beyond count. But, for President Asad and rebel groups, that is not enough to end the crisis. They are ready to engage in more hostile actions whenever needed to be.

Further, just as in many other crisis of the world, the international community here as well has shown its weakness and incompetence. The community has once again proved that it cannot relieve a country or its masses from the deadly horrors of war. To secure long term and permanent peace within and outside the states, the community needs to play proactive and effective role or prepare for its demise.

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