Pakistan Affairs

May 29, 2017

Military-men are rarely good diplomats. An apparent case to this assertion can be seen in Pakistan where the troops tend to maintain a considerable say in country’s foreign policy. But, that is just one aspect. On the other side, there is a civil government which does not seem eager or - specifically saying - secure in appointing a foreign minister. This scenario is keeping the domain of foreign relations uncertain and ambiguous.

Three instant realities depict how gravely the country is facing a foreign policy crisis:

·        Looking towards the East, there is all-seasons-hostile India which is pursuing the traditional policy of creating tensions at the boundary line with Pakistan, along with constantly ignoring the dialogue.

·         In the West, Afghanistan now has started to speak a language far harsher than it ever spoke. Ignited by Indian exploitation of the Afghan grievances against Pakistan, the Ghani government has never proved cordial for us.

·        In the South West, Iran has launched an unprecedentedly offensive wave of border skirmishes thus undermining the desires of both the countries to reunite for trade, peace and prosperity.

All the instances mark that, when foreign policy is subjected to military ambitions, the nation gets more enemies in the neighborhood than friends.

There is need to reconsider the flaws in country’s foreign policy along with setting it more on civilian and diplomatic lines rather than letting it be framed in the military barracks. 

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