Hafsa Khan

Aug 30, 2018

The global geopolitical environment is changing at a rapid pace showing decisive shifts. New international relations and strategic alliances are being made to protect the interests that seems to be the case of four powerful countries Pakistan, Russia, China and Turkey.  

Now let’s have a glance over the relations between these four countries. Pakistan shares bilateral relations with Turkey and China. Pakistan and china share strong diplomatic and economic relations while Turkey is like a brother to Pakistan, our major ally in terms of economic, trade ties and defense cooperation. Turkey and China share bilateral ties, which hit the roof after china supported Erdogan over attempted July 2016 coup. Russia gives extreme importance to its relations with Turkey.  

Russia has always been a traditional cold war rival of Pakistan and an ally and supporter of India. Moscow ties with Islamabad has always been a low-key affair. But now Russia is showing willingness to strengthen ties with Pakistan and a tilt in Russian foreign policy towards Pakistan is quite visible. China, Pakistan and Russia are the member states of The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) which has brought them closer and Turkey is also considering to join SCO. 

A big reason for this power bloc’s creation is the fact that, 

A common enemy brings us together”

At present, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey and China share a tensed relationship with the US. Russia and the US are traditional rivals. China-US relations are also tensed. Pakistan also feels that the US is not a reliable ally. The US has always blamed Pakistan for its failure in Afghanistan without acknowledging Pakistan’s sincere efforts and sacrifices. Now, Pakistan knows that it cannot trust and depend on the US. Turkey-US relations are also very low. In this scenario, the four countries need to support each other to deal with the US’s influence. 

About a visit to Pakistan on September 7, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi said, 

 “China and Russia are our priority now. During Chinese Foreign minister’s visit, we will discuss how to strengthen the relationship further. This will reduce our dependence on the US.” 

All four countries are powerful and capable of making a very powerful power bloc. According to a Moscow-based political analyst Andrew Korybko if Pakistan, China, Russia and Turkey form a bloc, it would not only be a game-changer strategy to achieve peace in Afghanistan but also help “revolutionize” Eurasian geopolitics in general. 



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