Quba Irshad

Aug 30, 2018

When I look around my surrounding,I find quite lot of disappointment and distress because of chaos.Uncertainity and problems of recent years have hindered the actual growth and development of Pakistan.Pakistan,a land that has now a days become synonymous with versatile crimes, crude jokes about terrorism and euphemism for all that is dark and grey.Yet it is commendable to see that in keeping the spirit of freedom struggle alive,we have certain optimistic people,who have a desire to serve and to show the rest of the world that we are no less than any other nation.And reason for this optimistic attitude is hope.Hope,four alphabet word which makes dravastic changes in the lives of people.It is just hope which triggers me to dream about better Pakistan.

I do have certain dreams about my motherland because complacency is weakness which patriotic cannot afford.There is a need to cut the wrong that cannot be ignored.

My dream of Pakistan is a state where everyone will be treated equally because we’re all born free and equal.There will be fraternity all around and there will be no discrimination on the basis of color,cast,creed,religion or gender.My dream of Pakistan is a country where there will be no slavery.There will be freedom of thoughts,freedom of expression.There will be social security for everyone.There will be right to democracy,right to public assembly.My dream is a state where people will have disciplined civic sense of highest order.Where people will adhere to traffic rules,will create queues instead of quarrels and will effectively use the resources of nation.My dream of Pakistan is a state where best quality education will be provided to all.Child labour will vanish and every child will go to school.No talent will go in vain.My dream is a state where there will be food and shelter for everyone.No one at street will sleep in empty stomach.No one in Thar will die due to scarcity of food and water.My dream of Pakistan is a land whose every daughter will be as strong as Malala.Where every daughter of nation will be protected.Where no one in Kasur will be able to rape another zainab. again.My dream of Pakistan is a land where there will be no terrorism.No one in Peshawar will again dare to attack Army public school.No one in Quetta will again kill sleeping cadets.No one in Kunduz will again be able to target hifiz e Quran students.No suicide attacker will again target any mosque.My dream of Pakistan is a land where there will be no road blockages due to VIP security and no Bisma will again die for the sake of VIP security.My dream of Pakistan is a country from where no youth will wish to get settle abroad for better jobs and better lives.My dream is that one day this entire world will be pay respect to Pakistan national and no one from Pakistan will again have to face hatered while standing at an international airport for having green passport.Law will be equal for everyone and no Reman Devis like terrorist will again be spared after killing my innocent citizens.No Kulbuchan Jadhav will again cross our border to harm our people.My dream of Pakistan is that Rs-1 will be equal to $/100 .My dream of Pakistan is to build Pakistan higher,firmer and stronger.My dream of Pakistan is a land which Jinnah dreamt about .

All my these dreams may seems like that I am making castles in air.Yes , I have built castles in air and the need is to put foundation beneath them to make them stronger.It will get better.Now it’s hard to believe now but it will definitely get better because Jinnah said that;

”With faith,discipline and selfless devotion to duty,there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.

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