Sundus Ghafoor

Aug 28, 2018

Islam is the religion of more than 350 million Muslims. The chief characteristics of Islam is that it makes no distinction between the spiritual & secular in life. Actually Islam is the religion of Love & Peace.

Youth is considered as the power house of a country. Similarly in Islam, the youth has been entitled with the rank of an Ambassador & with great titles come great responsibilities. They are held responsible for how non-Muslims even young Muslims perceive Islam. We make Islam look good or bad it's up to us.

"Allah give dunya to those He loves & to those He doesn't love but Allah give deen only to those He loves"

Nowadays we are lacking those qualities, those attributes which a believer should be having. In the past, people used to embrace Islam just looking at the lifestyle of Muslims. Muslims used to be the people of Qur'an & Sunnah. They were the people of character. We are supposed to be like that. But now we have become the people of movies, songs, T.V, video games & sleep. We are going to spoil our life by smoking, alcohol drugs and by many more irrelevant ways. In this temporary world we are very busy to save our future even though we don't even know how long we will live more. Sorry to say but slowly & gradually we are forgetting the efforts of our Prophet's & Sahaba's.

Our sights has been clouded with the mist of misleading concepts & materialism. We have been disconnected with the book that gives us the vision. We have been so away from Qur'an. That's our problem. We don't understand how much we are in lost.

We are always in race to do the latest fashion but we not willing to follow the Sunnah (i.e wearing hijab, having beard, wearing loose dresses & many more) because we are in race to let each & everyone down. We will get up early in the morning to reach at our institutes on time due to the fear of our boss. But can't think what the boss of universe ( our creator Allah) will thinks about us when we will not offer prayers at time. He is so merciful. It is the fact:

MAN SAYS: Show me & i'll trust you

ALLAH SAYS: Trust me & i'll show you

Devil honey traps us. He doesn't tell you to follow the wrong path & burn in hell. He rather coats it with luxuries & short term benefits. He caramelizes this poisoned fruit & sprinkles candy flavored temptations. He presents you it in the most fascinating way & you become unconscious after seeing that glitters. But poison is a poison anyway. It's going to kill you.

Devil refused to bow us down in Sajdah because he did the same. So he simply hates us. He at any cost wants us to disobey Allah. But we should have to be the sense of right or wrong & good or bad. Because we have the examples of our Prophet's & Sahaba's struggle in our mind & always remember the reward for a good Muslim announced by Allah.

"Don't forget being Muslim is the biggest reward"

The Poet perfectly encourage the Momin by saying that:

No one can even guess the strength of his arm

By the glance of a Muslim even the destiny is changed

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