Zaid Sajjad

Aug 26, 2018

How phones effective for human life?

Smart phones are playing vital role in every day life.We don't have to remember phone numbers or addresses anymore. Instead, we can just hop on our email or Google to look it up. According to a study by science magazine.

"The Internet has become a primary form of external or transactive memory, where information is stored collectively outside ourselves, and our brains have become reliant on the availability of information."

Given the prevalence of smartphones today, it is a question of interest for health care practitioners, mental health professionals, educators, parents, and anyone who happens to use a smartphone on a regular basis.

If you were asked to go a day without your smartphone, do you think you could do it easily? Researchers who have asked participants to go without their phones for various periods of time have found that breaking the technology habit, even for a relatively short interval, can be exceedingly difficult. Walk into any public venue and you will probably find people using their phones for a variety of purposes, from conducting business calls to checking their email to updating their Twitter. Our phones have become an inextricable part of our lives.


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