Pakistan Affairs

Aug 26, 2018

People face arrest for one or the other reason. But, what the Constitution of Pakistan says in this regard? It devises mechanism for arrest and detention. A person is arrested in pursuance of commission of some offence. The normal procedure is that the person arrested should be brought before the nearest court of the magistrate within the 24 hours of his arrest excluding the time consumed while travelling from place of arrest to the court.

These are infact the securities provided by the constitution to a person from being arrested unlawfully. A check has been marked on the authority of law enforcing agencies.

Another right which the arrested person enjoys is to avail the services of legal practitioner of his choice.

Detention here refers to ‘Preventive Detention’ which means to arrest a person before the commission of offence merely on the basis of suspicion or any credible report of his involvement in some plot against the state of Pakistan.

One detained in prevention is does not seek the right to know the grounds of his detention unless fifteen days pass. He even can be kept without presenting before the ‘Appropriate Review Board’ for three months. 

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