Muhammad Umair

Aug 24, 2018

Politics in Pakistan has long been captivated by extravagance and corruption. Now, the new government of Imran Khan-led PTI has launched an austerity drive. The aim of this new movement is to cut down the government expenses by preferring the least over excess.

In the recent meeting of cabinet, PM khan has reaffirmed his stance on simplicity and protecting the taxes of the masses. With such decisions, It is surely a great leap forward and its impacts would be seen in the coming years. As far as policy on increasing national treasure is concerned, that would not be an easy task. But, protection of assets is rightly the first step.

To keep economy viable and strong, ministry of finance will have to play a major role in this regard. That will require long term planning and massive policy changes. It is not easy to keep the rotten system alive but, it is easy to install a completely new setup. However, that also brings the risk of experimentation in the country.

Whatever the case turns out to be, it will take years to witness good results of new policies. But, austerity drive is surely something commendable and huge step forward.

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