Kanza Noor Abbasi

Aug 23, 2018

    Social media everyone knows what it is but if we gonna put it in a single word we can say it is other world of today’s generation.

       If we talk about today’s generation, they always look busy in their cell phones posting pictures, status and eagerly waiting for likes and comments on their social media accounts. Youngsters are so much tied up in social media that they think whatever they do, they should tell the whole world by posting it online. They don’t even get it that they are suffering from a disease called “ATTENTION SEEKING” ,which is making them depress and annoying and they are doing all of that for modern society approval.

      When a person wakes up in the morning he should pray instead he takes selfie to show the world his morning looks. People have gone so mad that if a person post a picture of a cup of coffee/tea, the other one will also capture a picture and then try to make it more attractive through filters and stickers and then post it, like it’s a competition who gets more likes or comments. But well it seems to me that the other person is saying; “If you are stupid, don’t worry I am a bigger one”.

       Before families or friends go for outing, have dinner and a lot of fun in chatting with each other but now they only have pictures of the food and that day with no cheering memory. If a person is sick or admitted in a hospital he or she captures a selfie and upload it on social media, how pathetic. Some people also capture their injuries pictures after having accident to post it. Even the graveyard is not safe from the selfies. Well, now it seems like when a person is going to die his last words probably would be “SELFIE” or he would capture it himself then upload it then die eventually. I have also seen that when people miss their loved ones who are passed away, they upload their pictures and tell everyone that they are missing him and they have recite that for him etcetera, I find it very bad because you don’t have to tell the whole world that you misses someone and what you are doing for him and what you did. And let me clear that I am not talking about those who ask for prayers for their loved one, that is a total different thing. 

      Through this essay, I would like to convey this message that everyone must have an opinion about themselves before anyone else’s. They shouldn’t run for other people approvals and likes but they must love their selves for whom they are, then slowly and eventually they’ll be cured from that disease. And every part of our life isn’t social and no one has to make it social and don’t waste your precious time in uploading your every move in the form of status , make some real memories by enjoying the moments not just by capturing them.

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