Pakistan Affairs

May 27, 2017

Following the verdict of the Supreme Court on Panama Hearings, a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has been formulated to probe deeply into the charges of corruption leveled against Sharif Family including PM Nawaz. The opposition acquiesced to the order of the apex court and expressed its patience to wait for the report of the JIT. But, an unexpected dissent has come out from lawyers’ community of Pakistan. Though this time divided, yet a majority of them has demanded resignation of the premier. If persisted, their demand can be termed as the most fearsome challenge for the government in its remaining months of rule.

But, the point here is whether or not the demand seems just? Apparently, it is a just demand but not a wise one. Just in a sense that the lawyers are demanding resignation from a Prime Minister who has been declared dishonest by a couple of Supreme Court Judges. Contrarily, unwise because it might lead the system to what may be termed as ‘abortion of justice’ in following ways:

·        Forcing premier to resign with the threat of protests will hijack the politico-legal system where the performance of not only JIT but also that of Supreme Court might be undermined.

·        The pursuit of this demand will give PM Nawaz another good pretext to get sympathy vote in the next general elections by rallying public support as a compensation for his forcible removal.

·        The demand can once again bring the country into the era of undemocratic politics where not only the apolitical forces but also cheap politicians will begin to influentially play their undesired roles.

So, the thing in the best and long-term interest of the nation is removal of the Premier through a proper legal process, which is underway, rather than street protests. The former mode can uphold the real value of justice, nationhood, and institutionalism while, the latter just promises abortion of justice.

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