Pakistan Affairs

Aug 21, 2018

It’s season of elections in Pakistan. Although, General Election was held in July 25 but still, the process of forming a government is not over. Following the election of Speakers and Deputy Speakers of the Provincial and National Assemblies, there is still time to witness the election for the top spot - Premiership. Election for PM will be held today.

Things are clear and certain now as compared to the past few days. Imran Khan is going to wind the election for PM slot easily. Just like his party won major assembly slots in Punjab Assembly and Federal Assembly.

Following the election of Imran Khan today, he will be taking oath in the President House tomorrow.

After that historic day, he will be assuming all powers of the Prime Minister and that will end the honeymoon period after election. As challenges are severe, problems are real. New PM will have to focus on that issues which have been haunting people for years. In any case otherwise, PTI and its government will not be able to make any difference.

Hopes are the best but, Khan will need vigilant and comprehensive policies in this regard. He will have to deal with the mess created by conventional political parties.

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