Muhammad Umair

Aug 21, 2018

It is always fascinating to see new government taking charge of the legitimate powers but, it’s always hard to recognise the darker side of that fact. Forming a new government isn’t mere seeking elite treatment, getting governmental privileges and enjoying top perks. It is about duties and responsibilities as well.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, the governments of conservative politicians in the past have set wrong examples. They have always enjoyed political power without paying its price. They did bother little about the responsibility and duty attached with their position. These are the things people won’t expect from the new government being formed after the General Election of 2018. Now, people would expect reasonable answer to their plights.

Now people would expect reasonable solution for their problems. Now people will expect to live in a friendly and economical state. To meet all these expectations the new government will have to understand its duties from the very first day. It has to understand the real problems of the common man. It has to give up luxuries and work on sufficiency for all.

With these things achieved, the track of Pakistan’s politics will get altered forever. In any case otherwise, we will remain in the same problems and in the same challenges.

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