Muhammad Umair

Aug 14, 2018

Political Parties are the center of any Democracy. Pakistan is no exception to this very fact. But, when the attitude of political parties or their leaders become dictatorial, they are worst than any royal family setup or a monarch’s inner circle. Unfortunately, same is the case with the so-called political party of Maulana Fazal u Rehman - a politician leading Muthida Majlis Amal (MMA) and using it more as a pressure group rather than an actual political party. 

Mr Fazal has remained part of almost every government since 1990s. He has exploited the parliamentary conditions in his favour thus, seeking one or the other ministry without ensuring any sort of performance. 

But, time has changed for Mr Fazal in the election of 2018. His party has been critically rejected by the masses of KPK. He couldn’t win even his own single seat. That failure has brought Maulana not only out of the Parliament but also out of his Ministers Enclave’s house which remained his residence for the last 13 years. Perhaps, this fact makes the reason behind is vehement and undemocratic opposition of the PTI. Fortunately, other political parties have not supported his undemocratic ventures. 

Maulana needs to learn the art of tolerance. His personal failure and collapse of his party should not be made a reason to put in doubt the entire election process. 

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