Global Affairs

Aug 14, 2018

Sine the last few years, Turkey had been drifting away from the circle of the United States. This drift became more clear with the assumption of power by Trump Administration which failed to convince Turkey otherwise. Further, Turkey took side with the Russia against US and NATO in Syrian war. 

All these realities remained deplorable for the United States. But, the reaction from Trump wasn’t clear until now when Turkey has been slapped with multiple sanctions in global trade. That comes to be a blow for the Erdogan who has assumed powers as President in the new political system of the country. The sanctions can not only affect Turkey’s potential of trade but it might bring an economic crisis within the country. 

To keep things at balance, it will now have to look towards the Russian and Chinese sides. Overall, sanctions are no good tool and they are not going to bring Turkey back to the American circle. 

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