Global Affairs

Aug 14, 2018

Nation states need to develop and maintain relations among themselves. No country is exception to this very fact. But, this doesn’t means that these states never risk their relations. It is very common in the global affairs.

These days, we can hear about the unwanted diplomatic spat between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Canada. The rift emerged as the Canadian Foreign Minister made a tweet regarding the arrest of Saudi human rights activist by the kingdom. At this, the Saudi Royals retaliated and called the tweet a sort of interference in the internal matters of Saudi Arabia. Not only that, but the country ordered the Canadian diplomats to leave the country within the definite time.

Further, Canada was slapped with the Saudi sanctions. The reaction is indeed severe this disturbing the global diplomatic arena. 

Although it is true that Canada should have avoided interfering in the Saudi matters in this way but, another question remains that isn’t Saudi Arabia also interfering in Lebanon, Yemen, Syria and other Middle Eastern Countries. Thus, it is naive to hear from Saudi Arabia a lecture on non-interference.

Besides that debate, there is need for both the countries to talk and sort the matters out because, such damage to diplomacy is in no way favourable for the world order of peace and cooperation. 

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