Pakistan Affairs

Aug 14, 2018

Following the General Election and it’s sweeping results, Pakistan’s growing democracy is once again moving towards its apex: the formation of new government. One thing is interesting that an unconventional political party with somehow conventional members and relatively strong leadership is going to take hold of the power. What the new government will bring to the masses.

To know that very reality, people need to be vigilant and patient. That might not feel the heat of new government’s reforms in a moment. It will not be happening even in months. In fact, it will take years. People will have to wait and watch how their new government introduces and implements reforms amid the feared tough opposition from the conventional political parties.

Although it is duty of those opposition parties to give PTI and its government a reasonable chance to serve and govern but that’s the least we can expect in Pakistan. This is because most of the times, the country’s politics remains associated with the point-less agendas, fake objections and negative connotations.

To keep the country on the right track, there will be need to exercise politics on the real issues and avoid any possible negative action against the government. 

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