Pakistan Affairs

Jul 21, 2018

Elections are ahead. Perhaps it’s the first instance after 1970 that institutions are making serious efforts to keep the process of election pure, transparent and free from any sort of rigging. For This very purpose, military is assisting the civil institutions through its Election Support Cell. But, rumours are in the air regarding the interference of military in the outcome of election. Most vividly, the independent candidates with the electoral sign of ‘jeep’ are being considered to have some back of military establishment.

That might be true considering the intervention of military in elections since 1960s when Ayub Khan used his dictatorial powers to falsely defeat Ms. Fatima Jinnah. Further, that rumor got support from the revelations of Justice Shaukat Siddiquie who openly spoke of interference of ISI in judicial matters.

For those, who understand and accept the philosophy of civilian supremacy, they know that interference of armed forces in politics or elections is highly undemocratic and objectionable. That is a serious matter for Pakistan. Civilian supremacy needs to be protected. Only then we can hope for better democracy, pure elections and more learned political leaders.

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