Pakistan Affairs

Jul 21, 2018

While addressing a forum of lawyers, Islamabad High Court Judge, Justice Shaukat Siddiquie made an exclusive and astonishing revelation. Perhaps, he said what all know very well but, do not speak out loud. He revealed that the Pakistan's spy agency Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) is meddling in judicial affairs of the country. He added that the judiciary is directed to make specific benches for different cases and influences on its decisions. He supported his point of view with the fact that the spy agency halted Islamabad High Court from granting bail to the convicted and imprisoned Nawaz Sharif.

The revelation of Mr. Siddiquie is surely a matter of great concern. It needs to be investigated without any impurity and influence. It will not be wrong to say that Nawaz Sharif and his conviction is a minor matter for Pakistan but, the involvement of ISI in such judicial and political matters is a major concern. If the institution of military and its secret wings are not halted from encroaching the civilian areas; Pakistan will not be anything but a country where army dictates civilians through different means. This possibility needs to be averted at any cost. No doubt, that military is sacred for country but it should let the civil government groom itself.

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