Ghulam Ali

Jul 20, 2018

To some, Success is achieving one's desired aim which is part of living a happy life. We may succeed in toppling the world yet fail to live a satisfactorily. For being truly successful we must learn to be satisfied with what we have. It varies from person to person. For a healthy man happy life is achieving his set aim. Whereas, a person who has lost his eye in an accident getting back his eye is the biggest success. This, sometimes,makes me think that achieving what one does not have is success. Before losing his eye the person's idea of success was certainly not getting the eye because he had it already. He set his aim after the accident. Human nature is somthing comlex to understand. Sometimes you are happy when you don't know the cause of your happiness. You are sad and you don't know why. Sometimes a cup of teas is the only thing that may bring you happiness. It is so because you set your aim of having tea.

Human nature wants variation. You do not call it success when you have many things. Whatever you have you will not aim at having it. Maintaing or keeping it intact whatever you have and harbouring but little ambition for having more is the real success. Instead of setting one's aims an desiring for more it is desirable to be satisfied with one's present state of affairs. Because if you lost anything which you have presently you would aim at getting it back. You would consider it the biggest success. Why don't we consider it biggest success having it before we lose it.

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