Pakistan Affairs

Jul 15, 2018

Pakistan’s history is not naive to courts’ decisions against the political leaders. Most of the time, these decisions were based on malicious intent of the establishment but not today. With the verdict of Accountability Court that sentenced former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for ten years in the corruption charges is mostly realistic since, Nawaz has made huge assets that go beyond his income in any legal way and he even failed to provide any kind of logical money trail in this regard. The court’s decision is not unfair. The nation agrees with it except the few hardliners of PML_N who are being incited to rebel against the state and the judicial system. That is going to make no difference in the situation and the arrest of Nawaz is imminent.

Further, as a nation, Pakistanis need to uplift their moral compass in judging a person. Unfortunately, in our political culture we do not consider corruption a crime of heinous nature. The reason is that most of us are involved in such activities. But, today is the time to make a difference and show that the nation is against any convict who has remained involved in any kind of crime including the corruption.

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